Highlights of Rowan U DNC News Coverage

Here are some highlights of our coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. A number of articles were also published in the CourierPost.com.

Booker: LGBT issues a ‘movement for American rights’ (Published in Courier Post – 7/28/16)

Pop-up gallery puts political drawings in DNC spotlight (Published in Courier Post – 7/28/16)

Al Franken Speaks to Seniors (7/28/16)

SJ moms call for ‘common sense gun laws’ (Published in Courier Post – 7/27/16)

Delegate turns self into political statement (Published in Courier Post – 7/27/16)

As Hillary Clinton Wins Nomination, Bernie Supporters Stage Protest in DNC Media Tent (7/26/16)

How Teenage Delegates Get to the DNC (7/26/16)

Photo Essay: “Signs of the Times” at DNC in Philadelphia (7/26/16)

WATCH: Rally for climate change ahead of DNC (Published in Courier Post – 7/25/16)

Sanders supporters not sure Clinton has their vote (Published in Courier Post – 7/25/16)

Sanders Supporters Protest Hillary Clinton Outside Wells Fargo Center (7/25/16)

DNC Speakers Stress Party Unity On Opening Day (7/25/16)

Photo Essay: DNC Protestors Take to the Streets of Philly (7/24/16)

Green Party Leader Jill Stein Spotted at DNC

By Leon Purvis, Ashleigh Albert and Matt Kass

Photo: Matt Kass

PHILADELPHIA – As Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton prepared to accept her party’s nomination, another potential political rival was on the scene. Jill Stein, head of the Green Party and presumptive presidential candidate, was interviewed outside the Wells Fargo Center.

In addition to environmental issues, Stein said the Green Party is also committed to racial equality and legalizing marijuana.

Video: Matt Kass



Religious Protestor Clashes With Black Lives Matters Supporter

By Leon Purvis


PHILADELPHIA – A religious protest outside City Hall became heated on Thursday when a Trump supporter got into a verbal debate with Black Lives Matter supporters.

Five men held signs reading such things as “Homo Sex is Sin” and “God Hates Porno Freaks” stood in the courtyard, flanked by police. A protestor with a megaphone announced that he was a Trump supporter. Several other men, including 26-year-old Desmond Taylor, began a loud debate with the religious protestors.

Watch the video below.

Al Franken Speaks to Seniors

IMG_0252By Matt Kass

PHILADELPHIA- Sen. Al Franken lent his star power to the Senior Council meeting Thursday at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. He and other speakers voiced their support for Hillary Clinton for president.

Franken and other speakers including Dolores Huerta, co-founder of the United Farm Workers, and Jon “Bowser” Bauman of Sha Na Na – discussed issues important to senior citizens.

The issues discussed included protecting the gains that had been made in the fields of Social Security and Medicaid, advocating for the baby boomer generation in Congress, and leaving a prosperous future to their offspring.

The Senior Council meeting was attended by members of the American Federation of Teachers and the Sheet Metal Workers International Association.

IMG_0251The common refrain heard throughout the meeting was that members could rest after  Election Day, but that for the remainder of the campaign, it was time to work. Strategies of going door-to-door and collecting signatures, as well as engaging other voters were floated for voter engagement.

While there was a defined platform for the senior council, several members had issues that they felt were important.

Jimmy Gaunce, 84, from Lexington, Kentucky looked at Social Security as a key issue to tackle.

“I think it’s very important that we protect Social Security, that we improve Medicare, and most certainly the Affordable Care Act.”

Charles Jackson, 69, of New York City had an entirely different pet cause as a senior voter.

“The most important thing I feel is that we all get out vote. Try to get the other people who want to sit out to really get involved, because it’s very important that we try and get Hillary elected, because the opposition doesn’t really seem to care about the welfare of our seniors.”

Armando Mandes, 64, from Middletown, N. J. said pensions were the most important issue facing the senior council.

“Protecting defined benefits for everybody, including the people that today don’t have pensions,” he said.

Mandes also had strong words for how important he felt it was to ensure benefits for the future.

“Every worker, whether they’re in private industry or the public sector must have a defined pension. If you don’t the country’s going to be in trouble very shortly.”

LGBT caucus urges advances in state laws

By Ashleigh Albert

PHILADELPHIA – In a crowded caucus meeting at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, a pro-LGBT rights crowd supported their community with applause and cheers. But the energy grew absolutely electric when N. J. Senator Cory Booker showed up.

Senator Cory Booker speaks to attendees of the LGBT caucus.
Senator Cory Booker speaks to the LGBT caucus.

A surprise visitor, Booker was just one of dozens of special guests Thursday afternoon who spoke about the importance of advancing LGBT rights.

During the caucus, speakers and guests made clear they’re enthusiastic about electing Clinton as well as other Democratic candidates this election season who will advance the LGBT agenda.

Booker, who spoke at the end of the caucus, made his point by pointing out LGBT rights are not central to just one aspect of a community or country.

“This was a movement for American rights,” he said. “Every American should have access to full citizenship rights.”

This year's convention featured the highest number of transgender delegates in history; 28.
This year’s convention featured the highest number of transgender delegates in history – 28.

By the end of the session, the caucus passed four resolutions in support of pro-LGBT legislation which will later be posted on its Facebook page.

Kate Brown, the first openly bi-sexual governor from Oregon spoke adamantly about the importance of electing Hillary Clinton, saying that Clinton considers the LGBT community part of her family.

Although the room was full of delegates, educator Shannon Cuttle of Maplewood, N.J attended as a guest. Cuttle uss they/them pronouns.

Maplewood, NJ resident Shannon Cuttle is an educator.
Maplewood, NJ resident Shannon Cuttle is an educator.

“Especially in schools, it’s important LGBT children’s voices be heard,” they said. “It’s important to continue the conversation, so that’s why it was important I come today.”

Cuttle said they personally feel confident Hillary Clinton is the right choice to advance LGBT agenda, particularly in schools when it comes removing discrimination.

“Although she didn’t used to support us, over the years she has become one of our strongest allies,” Cuttle said. “She is the strongest candidate not just for LGBT, but also the needs of educators. This is a teachable moment.”

Joe Longoria, a Clinton delegate from Mohave County, AZ was at the caucus as an ally to the LGBT community.

Longoria said his county vice char is a lesbian woman. When gay marriage was legalized last year, she asked him to be her best man.

Touched, he attended the caucus today to “learn whatever I can” for the community.

He, too, believes Clinton will be an excellent advancement for the LGBT community. That’s why he said he’s running for mayor in his hometown of Kingman, AZ.

“(Clinton’s) also an excellent voice and champion for children, for women, for everyone,” he said.

As Cory Booker wrapped up his speech, he spoke what seems to be the theme of this week’s convention.

“We who believe in freedom cannot rest,” he said.

DNC 2016 – Day 4 Speakers

Scheduled speakers for July 28:

  • Henrietta Ivey, home care worker and advocate for living wage
  • Beth Mathias, works two jobs and advocate for living wage
  • Jensen Walcott & Jake Reed, former employees of pizza restaurant and advocates for equal pay
  • Khizr Khan, father of Humayun S. M. Khan, member of U.S. Army who died in military service
  • General John Allen (ret. USMC), former Commander, International Security Assistance Forces, and Commander, United States Forces – Afghanistan
  • Candidates of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee
  • President of the Human Rights Campaign Chad Griffin
  • League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski
  • Co-Chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus Congressman Sean
  • Patrick Maloney (New York) and LGBT rights activist Sarah McBride
  • U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski (Maryland) and the Democratic Women of the Senate
  • Carole King
  • House Assistant Democratic Leader Jim Clyburn
  • Sen. Barbara Mikulski, Maryland
  • Rep. Joaquin Castro, Texas
  • Sheila E. performs
  • Gov. Andrew Cuomo, New York
  • House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
  • Gov. John Hickenlooper, Colorado
  • Gov. Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania
  • Former Michigan Gov. Jen Granholm
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
  • Sen. Patty Murray, Washington
  • Sen. Debbie Stabenow, Michigan
  • Sen. Maria Cantwell, Washington
  • Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota
  • Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri
  • Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, New Hampshire
  • Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, New York
  • Sen. Tammy Baldwin, Wisconsin
  • Sen. Mazie Hirono, Hawaii
  • Sen. Barbara Boxer, California
  • Actress Chloe Grace Moretz
  • Sen. Sherrod Brown, Ohio
  • Rep. Xavier Becerra, California
  • Katy Perry
  • Chelsea Clinton
  • Hillary Clinton

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