New Jersey DNC Delegate Q & A: Paul Moriarty

Assemblyman Moriarty says property taxes are the “first, second and third complaint” he hears from voters.

The week before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, RowanU DNC News staff interviewed members of the New Jersey delegation to hear their views on the convention, the upcoming election, and local issues facing New Jersey residents. 

Paul Moriarty, State Assemblyman, 4th district

Interviewed by Ashleigh Albert

Q: Did you support Bernie or Hillary during the primary? How do you feel about the result?

Photo: State Assembly Majority Office website
Photo: State Assembly Majority Office website

A: I was happy with the results. I actually like both candidates. I think that they both brought a lot of energy and ideas to the campaign. I could have supported either one, but I supported Hillary Clinton, and I will be a delegate for Clinton at the national convention.

Q: Does the DNC convention matter to the people of New Jersey?

A: It’s important in a number of ways. This is the first female candidate from a major party. This is a great step forward should she go on in November to defeat Donald Trump. I think he has rhetoric – and what I believe is divisiveness – that this county does not need at this time.

Q: What is the biggest issue facing New Jersey residents this election year? What concern do you most often hear from voters?

A: The biggest concern of New Jersey is property taxes, which won’t be affected by a national election. It’s a state-wide issue, and it’s the first, second and third complaint in New Jersey.

On the national level, one of biggest issues of voters I’ve talked to is continuing fear and anxiety about the world. It seems every day I wake up, not sure if we are going to have a worse day that the previous one. There is a lot of anxiety in New Jersey and the nation over the issue of terrorism.

Q: If you had a few minutes of face time with Hillary Clinton, what would you want to tell her?

A: I would tell her to keep doing what she’s doing and use the talents she has to make the world a safer place. She was Secretary of State. She’s been around the world and knows all the players and knows all the villains. She’ll keep making the world a safer place.

Q: If a delegate from another state asks you where they should go in Philadelphia or New Jersey, what is one location you would suggest they visit?

A: There are a lot of places. I would tell them South Street for fun. There’s also art museums like the Barnes and Rodin museums.


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