New Jersey Delegate Q & A: Troy Singleton

Assemblyman Singleton hopes the issues debated during the Democratic Primary will shape future White House policy.

The week before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, RowanU DNC News staff interviewed members of the New Jersey delegation to hear their views on the convention, the upcoming election, and local issues facing New Jersey residents. 

Troy Singleton, Assemblyman, District 7

Interviewed by Matthew Kass

Photo: New Jersey State Assembly

Q: Did you support Bernie or Hillary during the primary? How do you feel about the result?

A: I supported Secretary Clinton, and I am pleased with the results of the primary.

Q: Does the DNC convention matter to the people of New Jersey?

A: I think the convention matters because it is a part of the very important process of picking our next president.

Q: What is the biggest issue facing New Jersey residents this election year? What concern do you hear most often from voters or residents?

A: I think right now the safety of our country has taken a greater role in the minds of voters.

Q: If you had a few minutes of face time with Hillary Clinton, what would you want to tell her?

A: I would tell her that she should utilize the lessons she learned from the primary, with regards to the issues that Senator Sanders raised, to continue to shape her thinking on the policies she would bring to the White House.

Q: If a delegate from another state asks what they should visit in Philadelphia or New Jersey, what is one location you would suggest?

A: They should visit historic Burlington County to witness some of the great history of our country.

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