New Jersey DNC Delegate: Q & A: Valerie Huttle

Assemblywoman Huttle says safety, gun control, taxes and the economy are key issues for this election.

The week before the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, RowanU DNC News staff interviewed members of the New Jersey delegation to hear their views on the convention, the upcoming election, and local issues facing New Jersey residents. 

Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Deputy Speaker and Assemblywoman, 37th district

Interviewed by Leon Purvis

Photo: New Jersey State Legislature

Q: Did you support Bernie or Hillary during the primary? How do you feel about the result?

A: I have been a Hillary supporter since 2008. I am thrilled that she is our nominee and that she will be our next president. We had a primary based on policy and issues.

Q: Does the DNC convention matter to the people of New Jersey?

A: Absolutely. It’s a historical occasion. We are going to nominate the first woman President of the United States.

Q: What is the biggest issue facing New Jersey residents this election year? What concern do hear most often from voters or residents?

A: Safety and security is on people’s minds every day in light of the news. I think gun control is a big issue. I think education continues to be a big issue, [as well as] taxes and the economy.

Q: If you had a few minutes of face time with Hillary Clinton, what would you want to tell her?

A: I think that I would say she has always been an advocate of issues that always have been important to us.

Q: If a delegate from another state asks you where they should go in Philadelphia or New Jersey, what is one location you would suggest they visit?

A: The Battleship New Jersey is probably the main location to be proud of.

Author: Leon Purvis

My name is Leon Purvis. I am a rising senior here at Rowan University as a dual major in Radio/Television/Film and Broadcast Journalism. Here at Rowan I am apart of Rowan Radio, the campus newspaper The Whit, and The Rowan Television Network. When I heard of the wonderful opportunity to cover the Democratic National Convention for Rowan, I knew I had to take advantage of it.

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