How Teenage Delegates Get to the DNC

By Sunshine Mejia

PHILADELPHIA – Four millennial delegates explain how and why they became involved in the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

“I thought this is pretty cool. I want to be a state delegate….The worst they can say is ‘No.'”- Nathan Sidell, 19, AK.

“As long as you push yourself to be involved the people in your area will latch on to you, help you and give you advice to succeed.” – Katrina Culler, 17, MN.

“I started out by making phone calls online through the phone banking website. I ended up making 2,400 phone calls.” – Bob Canfield, 18, alternate delegate, CA

“I sought out my teacher who was a delegate four years ago, and she mentored me.” – Aster O’Leary, 18, VT

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