Religious Protestor Clashes With Black Lives Matters Supporter

By Leon Purvis


PHILADELPHIA – A religious protest outside City Hall became heated on Thursday when a Trump supporter got into a verbal debate with Black Lives Matter supporters.

Five men held signs reading such things as “Homo Sex is Sin” and “God Hates Porno Freaks” stood in the courtyard, flanked by police. A protestor with a megaphone announced that he was a Trump supporter. Several other men, including 26-year-old Desmond Taylor, began a loud debate with the religious protestors.

Watch the video below.

Author: Leon Purvis

My name is Leon Purvis. I am a rising senior here at Rowan University as a dual major in Radio/Television/Film and Broadcast Journalism. Here at Rowan I am apart of Rowan Radio, the campus newspaper The Whit, and The Rowan Television Network. When I heard of the wonderful opportunity to cover the Democratic National Convention for Rowan, I knew I had to take advantage of it.

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