Green Party Leader Jill Stein Spotted at DNC

By Leon Purvis, Ashleigh Albert and Matt Kass

Photo: Matt Kass

PHILADELPHIA – As Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton prepared to accept her party’s nomination, another potential political rival was on the scene. Jill Stein, head of the Green Party and presumptive presidential candidate, was interviewed outside the Wells Fargo Center.

In addition to environmental issues, Stein said the Green Party is also committed to racial equality and legalizing marijuana.

Video: Matt Kass

Religious Protestor Clashes With Black Lives Matters Supporter

By Leon Purvis


PHILADELPHIA – A religious protest outside City Hall became heated on Thursday when a Trump supporter got into a verbal debate with Black Lives Matter supporters.

Five men held signs reading such things as “Homo Sex is Sin” and “God Hates Porno Freaks” stood in the courtyard, flanked by police. A protestor with a megaphone announced that he was a Trump supporter. Several other men, including 26-year-old Desmond Taylor, began a loud debate with the religious protestors.

Watch the video below.

Sanders Supporters Protest Hillary Clinton Outside Wells Fargo Center

By Leon Purvis and Thomas Klodowsky

PHILADELPHIA – On the first day of the convention, Bernie Sanders supporters urged delegates and attendees of the Democratic National Convention not to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Chants rang out as protestors unified themselves for Sanders just before it began to pour rain.


"Jail for Hillary," roars from protestors broke the professional silence of the Convention, among "this is what democracy looks like," and other chants.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 8.30.47 PM
“Jail for Hillary,” roars from protestors broke the professional silence of the Convention, among “enough is enough,” and other chants.

Even while the skies darkened and the sun was nowhere in sight, the protestor’s voices could be heard from blocks away.  It seemed that with the intensity of the rain, the intensity of their message was amplified.

Sanders Supporters to DNC: “Bernie’s Not Done Yet”


By Leon Purvis

PHILADELPHIA – For Marni Halasa, 50, of New York, the work of the Bernie Sanders campaign is far from over. Halasa took her protesting consulting group, “Revolution is Sexy” to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland last week, and now she is in Philadelphia hoping to get attention for the issues she cares about.