Bernie’s Movie Stars Call Press Conference, Media Swarms

Reporters awaiting the arrival of Susan Sarandon and other actors.

By Thomas Klodowsky

PHILADELPHIA- Dozens of reporters jockeyed for position, crowding around an empty stage.

Actors Susan Sarandon, Danny Glover and Rosario Dawson had called an early evening press conference to once again highlight efforts within the Democratic Party leadership to defeat Senator Bernie Sanders, which were exposed in recently leaked emails.

“These are two sides that, frankly, are having a very difficult time communicating with each other,” said Gasland director Josh Fox of lingering tensions between supporters of Sanders and Clinton.

The media event was also called in support of Nina Turner, a former Ohio senator, who said she was scheduled to speak at the convention on Tuesday night before being ousted from the stage.  The decision for her ejection is reportedly due to her refusal to support Clinton.

“We stand with her, and we stand in opposition to anybody bringing any harm or any disrespect to her,” said Sanders activist YahNé Ndgo.

It was unclear what — if any — impact the press event would have on the larger convention, other than to once again raise the question of whether the most passionate Democratic Party activists will be able to reconcile before the general election in November.