Highlights of Rowan U DNC News Coverage

Here are some highlights of our coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. A number of articles were also published in the CourierPost.com.

Booker: LGBT issues a ‘movement for American rights’ (Published in Courier Post – 7/28/16)

Pop-up gallery puts political drawings in DNC spotlight (Published in Courier Post – 7/28/16)

Al Franken Speaks to Seniors (7/28/16)

SJ moms call for ‘common sense gun laws’ (Published in Courier Post – 7/27/16)

Delegate turns self into political statement (Published in Courier Post – 7/27/16)

As Hillary Clinton Wins Nomination, Bernie Supporters Stage Protest in DNC Media Tent (7/26/16)

How Teenage Delegates Get to the DNC (7/26/16)

Photo Essay: “Signs of the Times” at DNC in Philadelphia (7/26/16)

WATCH: Rally for climate change ahead of DNC (Published in Courier Post – 7/25/16)

Sanders supporters not sure Clinton has their vote (Published in Courier Post – 7/25/16)

Sanders Supporters Protest Hillary Clinton Outside Wells Fargo Center (7/25/16)

DNC Speakers Stress Party Unity On Opening Day (7/25/16)

Photo Essay: DNC Protestors Take to the Streets of Philly (7/24/16)

DNC Day 2 Round-up of Rowan U DNC News Coverage on Twitter

Welcome to RowanU DNC News

Coverage of 2016 Democratic National Convention from a South Jersey perspective.

RUDNCstaffWe are student journalists from Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ, covering the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

This summer, we took a class called Covering the DNC and studied the history of conventions, the nominating process, the delegate system, and how journalists report on these events.

From July 24-28, we are reporting from the DNC as credentialed members of the media. We are interviewing delegates, attending caucus meetings, documenting protests, gathering local reaction to the speeches, and learning how the convention is affecting residents of South Jersey.

Our photos, videos and articles will be posted to this website. You can also follow us on Twitter at @RowanUJourn.